Technology Services


Intelligent Data Capture Framework

Our platform provides value-added qualities to content delivery projects in terms of rapid deployment and in ensuring customer-leverage in data utilization specifically with respect to expediting the clients’ critical business cycles.

DataraQ establishes a new benchmark in state-of-the-art data conversion, through the inclusion of complex data capture algorithms, high-speed document image processing and recognition, work-flow load-balancing with accuracy and precision in processing multi-type and multi-format documents from various high-volume commercial and financial industry sources.


  • Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) Platform
  • Automatic Document Recognition & Categorization from multi-sources
  •  Mechanized Data Extraction
  • Automated Business Process Flow
  • Workload Distribution and Balancing
  • Artificial Intelligence via Neural Network
  • Document Image Recognition of printed and hand-written information
  • Data/Information Security (Redaction)
  • Structured (Standard Template Format) and Un-structured forms
  • Managed Data Processing Services
  • Support for 180 languages and dialects including hieroglyphic (Korean, Chinese…) character sets

Current project scope involves over 1,000 document types with more than 10,000 variations including the ff:
• Standard Federal Forms
• Titles & related documents
• Financial & Bank Statements
• Identification: Driver’s license, passport, residency ID, SSS, etc…
• Various Disclosures
• Invoices
• Loans documents
• Annual Returns declarations
• Credit reports
• Employment related documents

The IDC platform is capable of accommodating almost all types of business documents.